IoT Academy

Industrial IoT applications, strategies, methods, and best practices are continuously evolving. Our IoT Academy helps executives understand how to leverage the latest industrial IoT resources to improve their operation.

There is a lot of confusion about what industrial IoT is and what manufacturers can realistically achieve with it. We offer a free, one-day IoT workshop at your site to discuss digital transformation, IIoT, industry 4.0 and the smart factory and how you can leverage these technologies to gain a competitive advantage.

Our technology assessment aims to assess the state of technology at your company, from ERP to machine monitoring to MES to traceability to predictive analytics.


We will also perform a maturity analysis to determine how mature your systems, processes, and infrastructure is.  We will also discuss your connected factory and connected products strategy and how we can help you reach your business goals.

For those who are ready to work with us, we offer three types of workshops, including:


Seminars and workshops. Two-and four-hour seminars explore industrial IoT innovations through presentations, panels, and Q&A sessions.


One-day executive course. Take a deep dive into ERP, MES, and IoT with a focus on predictive analytics, including connectivity, analytics, predictive maintenance, and predictive quality.


Three-day executive course. Experience a complete emersion into PHM, pre-processing techniques, health assessment, anomaly detection, fault diagnosis, product tutorials and more.

Please contact for our latest course offerings.