Energy and Renewables

Energy companies are continuously looking for ways to increase efficiency and reduce costs. To achieve this, energy companies must ensure their assets operate at optimal condition to make the most energy available to consumers.


We help energy companies predict energy production and maximize yields. Using our software and services, energy companies can compare actual and optimal power generation assessments, guarantee asset health, and prepare for major overhauls. These abilities enable energy companies to consistently meet energy demands without having to worry about equipment downtime.


Solar energy: We support solar energy companies by monitoring and predicting the health of motors and bearings that power solar farms. By keeping these critical components operating, we help solar energy companies maximize energy production by making their operation more efficient.


Our capabilities go well beyond the field, as solar energy companies also use our predictive quality and predictive analytics expertise to improve the quality of semiconductor manufacturing.


Wind energy: We support on-shore and off-shore wind energy production by monitoring the critical components in wind turbines in real time. This is especially important in off-shore wind farms given the high cost of maintenance. By predicting when components are likely to fail, we can minimize downtime and costly repairs.


Our comprehensive predictive analytics, digital twin, and turbine-to-turbine comparison capabilities can be applied to a single turbine or an entire fleet of turbines.

Power Generation: We monitor transformers, boilers, and a variety of other critical power generation equipment to maximize plant efficiency and production.